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We are joining the GREEN revolution !

Date: 05 Sep 22

We are going GREENER as standard at Edenbrook.

All of our new homes on the Newry Road in Banbridge will have 2KW Solar PV Panels installed as standard.

2KW Solar PV Panels

Benefits of solar panels:

1.Reduces your electricity bill;

Sunlight is free ! Solar cells can even produce electricity on cloudy days. You could save an average of up to £600 per year on your energy costs. (Savings amount will depend on energy provider and tariff)

2 Reduces your carbon footprint

Solar power is a green, renewable source of energy and does not release any carbon dioxide into the environment.

We are also introducing the option of an electric vehicle charging point to future proof your home further!

Electric Vehicle Charging Point

Want to start each day with a ‘full tank’?

Charging each night at home will provide all the daily driving range the average vehicle and driver will need.

Charging at home is usually the most cost efficient way to charge your EV.

We have 2 options for you to choose from for your EV at home:

Option 1 : Wired only for future installation

Option 2: Full installation

We look forward to helping our new home owners make the right choice for future proofing their new homes!.

More details are available on request for our EV options. Solar PV panels will be positioned according to orientation of house.

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