Welcome to the MagentaVerse ! Viva Magenta - Lotus Homes

Welcome to the MagentaVerse ! Viva Magenta

What is Viva Magenta ?

Pantone recently announced its 2023 Colour of the Year: Viva Magenta. Described as a “crimson red tone that presents a balance between warm and cool.” Pantone highlights a colour each year that they feel reflects the current culture. Viva Magenta is said to be a “hybrid” shade that’s symbolic of our existence in the physical and digital world.

Viva Magenta 18-1750

Viva Magenta 18-1750 vibrates with vim and vigour. It’s a shade rooted in nature that expresses a new signal of strength. It’s a brave and fearless colour that exuberates joy and optimism. Without restraint it is a boundaryless shade that manifests as a STAND- OUT SRATEMENT.

It is a BOLD colour so using it sparingly to accessorise and make a room flourish may suit more. Avoid using Viva Magenta as a base in large quantities as it may be visually too intense. Pairing with other bold colours can create a chaotic and overwhelming look.

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