Summer Spring Clean Tips

Summer is just around the corner but have you even got that spring clean done yet ?

Date: 27 May 22

We all have great intentions to spring clean once the weather warms up and the lighter nights are here.

Have you actually done it yet though ? Here’s a few motivational tips to get you started and past that common problem that many of us have, a short attention span!

so as soon as we check a message on our phone we get distracted and start flicking through Facebook and Instagram and then the day is half gone and the spring clean is put off again for another week.

Ready to start ? Follow our handy tips to get and keep you motivated and you will have it looking ship shape in no time.

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Set your self clear goals

Write down the important tasks that you need to get done. Make sure your goals are measurable, this will help you accomplish those dreaded tasks. Set aside a dedicated time for making a to-do -list. Write down why you want to do a spring clean too – there could be different reasons, you could be expecting visitors at the weekend, or it makes you feel calmer or simply that it really just needs done !

Start with the smaller tasks first, like getting the laundry started or the dishwasher on the go.  Starting with the smaller steps will get you under way on your cleaning journey.

Plan for a sunny day

Try and schedule your spring clean for a day that the weather is predicted to be bright and sunny. Check your local weather website for the long rage forecast.

Open up the windows and doors, let the air flow through

Over winter our homes are quite often shut up tight, leaving a slightly musty smell in the air. Springtime is the perfect time to throw open the windows and doors and let the fresh air flow through. Open cupboards and closets and let the positive energy and fresh spring air in.

Pump up the music !

Get some mood boosting, feel good ‘House Cleaning Music’ on. None of that slow, boring stuff that is more likely to send you to sleep. Get the tunes banging out loud. Ask Alexa for ‘Music for Cleaning’ or search your Spotify for a playlist. Now you are in the right environment for getting stuck in and getting those dreaded jobs done.

Make a list to track your progress

You will feel like you have a better sense of accomplishment if you tick the jobs off along the way. If you see things being ticked off the list then you are meeting the objectives of your goals set out at the start. The more you get crossed off the list the more you will want to keep going until everything is done !

Set aside some healthy snacks to take a break on

Hydration is key to keep you going, drink plenty of water and keep your self hydrated. Have some healthy snacks ready, carrot sticks, slices of fruit or granola bars will all help to keep you refuelled.

Reward yourself for a job well done !

It’s super important to reward yourself for the good work you have done. Plan for something nice to treat yourself to once all the hard work is done. A nice meal out ? Maybe a takeaway ?. Spoil yourself with a new pair of shoes or an outfit. After all that cleaning you might want to treat you and your hands to a manicure. Make sure you have a good incentive to get the job started and done. You are much more likely to have a positive outcome if you plan your reward in advance

Search cleaning channels on Social Media

If you are still lacking motivation after all of those ideas, try searching Youtube for some motivational cleaning videos.  Check out

Jen has a collection of cleaning videos for different spaces in your home. Top tips with simple cleaning charts will inspire you on your way to a sparkling spring cleaned home.

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