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Lets look at the hub and heart of a home

Date: 28 Oct 21

A modern and functional kitchen is a must have in any home, but its no longer a place to just prepare meals.

So you want your kitchen to be a sociable hub and not just a functional space. Follow these few tips to turn your kitchen into a place for friends and family to gather together to hang out, cook, chat and eat together.

So you have got the practical layout covered and have a well functioning kitchen, you just need a few more ingredients to get that perfect blend of function and fun

Step 1. Making space for everyone

You will want to get everyone involved so make sure there’s room for more than one chef. Cooking is so much more fun if you can get everyone involved.

If you have little ones and want to get them involved purchase a safe step stool for them to stand on to reach the worktop surface. Clear any clutter off the worktops. Store surplus items in cupboards, drawers or on shelves to leave plenty of working space for everyone,

Step 2. Seating

For a kitchen to be a social hub seating is essential. If you have the space install a table and chairs, if you are restricted by size, bar stools are good alternative for smaller spaces. People are far more likely to gather in your kitchen if there is somewhere for them to sit. Seating areas are multifunctional they can be used for mealtimes, homework, table top games and making arts and craft works.


Step 3. Accessories

Functional items in the kitchen can combine aesthetics and practicality, jars, canisters, food caddies can all be purchased in a range of colours. Chose warm hues or bright fun colours what ever suits your style. Small appliances can add additional touches and are available in pastel shades, retro designs, classic coppers and stainless steel just to name a few options, A few well chosen accessories such as pictures, wall clocks and mirrors can create a much more inviting feeling.

Step 4. Lighting

Practical lighting in the kitchen is essential so you can actually see what you are cooking, recessed spot lights are a good option both functional and give a contemporary feel. There’s a lot more to lighting up your room than functionality though. Illumination is key for creating a warm and inviting space. To create an atmospheric room it is important to use a variety of lighting options, attractive pendants over the table or island work well. Under unit cabinet lights can be installed. LED kitchen plinth lights are available in a range of colours from classic white to neon pink.


Step 5. Storage

Your kitchen will be used for many purposes and will need plenty of storage for all of the practical stuff like cups, glasses, plates, pots and pans, If you want to make it the heart of the home you will also need to think about some storage space for kids toys and crafts. Encourage kids to stay and play in the kitchen by making it easy for them to access their things. When thinking about storage space make sure you devise somewhere to house toys. A few baskets on a low shelf or in a cupboard should be enough. Making it simple for access means it should be just a easy to tidy up at the end of the day.


Step 7. Window dressing

Gone are the days of that utilitarian cooking area with practical and functional window solutions. To give your kitchen a snug, warm and inviting feel consider cosier fabrics for your window treatments. A patterned roller blind will add character to the space. Curtains could be an option but maybe not ideal if your kitchen window is above the sink. Curtains would be a great addition for large windows or patio doors if you have a kitchen diner, the fabric designs will add warm tones and make the room feel more like a cosy living space


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