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How to put your own stamp on your new home

Check out these simple ideas that will help you to make your new house feel like home

You’ve planned those all important practical elements of your new home, so now it’s time to start giving your home its identity and character.



Step 1 

Find your style 


It’s a good idea to look through magazines or on Pinterst to find inspiration, this will help you work out what your style actually is.

Gather up a collection of images that you love, you can use this as a guide to work out your interior style.

Now you’re ready to start adding your personality to your home.


Step 2

Show off your personality


To give your home a considered feel, choose a few of your favourite objects to display. Be careful not to over do it, you don’t want a feeling of overkill.

Use shelves and surfaces to display your ornaments and trinkets that you love. You will instantly start to see your house feeling more homely. This will help to give your space  a touch of personality.


Step 3

Exhibit your art collection

Adding personality to plain walls is easily achieved  by hanging some artwork.  You can chose to use one piece on its own or consider a collection of art. Using a collection of curated pieces will bring an extra layer of interest to your space.

A gallery wall will allow you to display a selection of your favourite images and is an ideal way to show off your personality. TOP TIP: The key to a great gallery wall is to lay all the pieces out on the floor before hanging any artwork on the wall. Try to keep the spacing between each piece similar to get the best look.


Step 4

Soften your spaces



Adding fabric to any space will immediately make it feel more cosy and welcoming. Choose fabrics that you love, these are often influenced by the colours and patterns that you are drawn to elsewhere, your clothes for an example. A good way to start is to pick one colour or shade that you want in the room and work from there. Once you have your initial hue identified pick out one or two colours that work with it.

Now you’ve got your colour scheme you can start to soften your spaces by using fabric. Use voiles or curtains to dress your windows, add patterned scatter cushions to a plain sofa and drape over a throw. Hard floor areas can be covered by the addition of a beautiful rug.


Step 5

Find some fabulous furniture

Firstly, ask yourself how you want to layout each room. Consider how much space you need to allocate to storage and what the best means of storage are for that particular room. For family communal spaces think about how much seating you will need to accommodate everyone. With these things in mind you can hunt around for the perfect pieces of furniture that meets your needs.

When looking for furniture for your new home, think about looks as well as function. Leather for example is very functional as it can be wiped clean and it will look good too. By adding a few carefully selected unusual pieces you can give your space a style that is unique to you.


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