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Cosy living room ideas

Date: 18 Feb 22

Feel at home with these cosy living room ideas

Our living room is the ideal place for curling up and chilling out, shutting out the world outside in a cosy space.

A cosy living room means something different to all of us, it’s a matter of personal taste: it could be deep enveloping colours; soft comforting textures or simple, unrefined shapes that float your boat and define your idea of cosy.

Different colour pallets will have an impact on the entire feel of the room. Shades such as reds and yellows bring a comforting mood, cool blues and pale greys have a soothing feel. If your looking for that luxurious  look use shades like purples, dark greys and greens to transport you to an indulgent sanctuary.

Adding a variety of textures is an easy and a cost effective way to up your living rooms cosy factor. Woollen knit throws, soft cushion and tactile fabrics such as leather or velvet add a sumptuous feeling and transform your sofa into  a heavenly place to snuggle up. Add rugs to welcome extra warmth. Rugs can provide a short term fix to making a space feel cosy, dressing the floor with tactile designs that feel warm underfoot!


If you have an open fireplace or a wood-burner make the most of this comforting feature. Positioning seating facing towards it which instantly creates a cosy feel Switch off the overhead lights and use side  lamps to transform ambience of any living room. Whether a large or small space the right lighting is essential to create a more intimate feel. Nothing creates a cosy ambience quite like candlelight. If your living space doesn’t have a real working fire curate the  feeling with displays of candles. Lanterns and assorted pillar candles create a warming glow, create a focal point by using these in a cluster and anchor your furniture around it.


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