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Art Deco interior styling

Date: 22 Jul 22

The enduring allure of Art Deco’s opulent and luxurious style still influences design today.

One of the most influential and exciting styles of the 20th Century is easily adapted to suit any interior space. To create an Art Deco feel think BOLD, OPULENT and ELEGANT.


Art  Deco interiors are guaranteed to bring a touch of class to any room. The old school glamour and flair is still a perfect combination of functional an modern for a contemporary home.

The decadence of the polished and high shine finishes to Art Deco furniture makes a big impact in any space. It has a strong presence with a bold overall look.

The inherent luxury is accentuated by the use of silver and geometric shapes. Characterised by chevron patterns, triangular and zig zag shapes. The elegant, glamorous style has stood the test of time, though it dates back to the 1920’s

From subtle touches, to all out glamour, there are many ways to embrace the allure of Art Deco in modern interiors. Typical Deco design has a reflective and glossy finish. Mirrored surfaces are often used with metallic elements to increase the sense of space and light in a room.

This modern take on Art Deco furniture adheres to the symmetrical and geometric traditional design, strong, streamline form which are characteristic of the Art Deco movement which was accepted all across the world since the 1920’s, spanning time until the 1940’s.

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